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Our People have been and continue to be our number one asset. By taking some of the best technical talent in the world and combining it with highly organized, stable and predictable delivery organizations. We not only continue to attract those minds, we help grow them through our evolving network of university and training initiatives and our award-winning tools and delivery practices.

Our employees are our assets and our assets are uploaded, updated and upgraded with the latest technological changes, management techniques and training. All our assets are stress tested before they put to use on each assignment.

Our enviable culture plays a big role in how we live, work and enjoy the time we spend at SICL America. From the myriad opportunities, projects and valuable training you’ll receive to help you grow professionally, to the lighter side of the friendships and camaraderie you will feel, we welcome you into the unique style of our organization.

Our values, beliefs and philosophy encourage an inclusive environment where our workplace is responsive and committed to your professional and personal growth while incorporating fun, and a culture supporting the success of each other where everyone’s opinion can be heard. You’re rewarded for your effort, thinking and loyalty that together constitutes our organization and the culture we’ve created.


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