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Escrow's Mortgage Property Taxe's 

SS Venture Capital Investments LTD

Integrate with Revenue Departments of each state across the USA to Fetch applicable property tax rates using JAVA WebServices.

Our clients count on us to provide the most comprehensive set of innovative escrow and non-escrow property tax solutions available today.

Our national network of all the services and local government integrations shall ensure fast and accurate property tax data exchange between current mortgage service, taxing agencies and borrowers. And, with a database built using the largest collection of U.S. parcel boundaries, we can assure that our data quality will help optimize your origination and servicing processes.

Academy Mortgage Corporation,

BB&T Bank,

JP Morgan Chase,

Freedom Mortgage Corporation

Mortgage investment corporation

OTP Bank

On Going


E-commerce implementation for SICL America with Amazon 

SICL America & A2Z Shop Center

Development of new integration Portal with for traffic rerouting via A2Z Shop Center

Access Amazon Product Selection: The Product Advertising API gives you access to Amazon’s selection of millions of products in categories

Leverage Amazon Product Discovery capabilities: The Product Advertising API lets SIcl America to leverage Amazon’s customer-centric features such as Product Search, Customer Reviews, Similar Products, Accessories, Wish Lists and more.

Monetize  website: The Product Advertising API allows SICL America to include  associate tag in API requests to automatically format the URLs returned by the API to ensure that you earn referral fees when users you refer to Amazon sites buy qualifying products.,,,,,,,



Sun Rise Marketing Experts JVC 

SS Venture Capital Investments LTD

(i) Use machine learning techniques to analyze and Data study of behaviour of contents generated and user profiles on multiple social media and SEO (ii) Develop a framework to collect data from multiple social media and SEO and merge the data together from these source to carry out analysis and correlations for understanding the behaviour of Data

Data Sciences and Behavioural data Analysis using SEO

Local Based Business across United States of America

On Going


Sun Rise A2Z Store Inc

Sun Rise A2Z Store Inc

Implementation of E-commerce FOR B2B, B2C and checkout process development using JAVA based applications.

Data extraction from internal DB(SQL) and Google Analytics, Marketo,Salesforce. Development of  web analytic tools such as Omniture, Optimizely and Shopify reports.

Developing a tool for detection of XML based injection vulnerabilities in web applications. The prototype tool will be demonstrated with the help of a web application

 B2C Online Shopping Customers



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